"I can help you enjoy life without alcohol and become the happy and fit person you deserve to be."

-Chris Scott, author of Drinking Sucks!  & Proprietor of Fit-Recovery.com
Drinking Sucks! A Better Life Awaits You...

  • Why you can't drink moderately like your friends
  • Specific nutrients that eliminate alcohol cravings
  • Diet changes to help you skip the "relapse phase"
  • How to rewire your brain AND get fit at the same time
  • How to utilize self-improvement instead of powerlessness
  • How to go out with social drinkers and NOT want to drink
  • How to thrive in a booze-obsessed culture WITHOUT feeling deprived
  • How to master your emotions and kill anxiety
  • How to shape other people's perceptions of you as a nondrinker
  • How to permanently change your view of alcohol
  • How to feel HIGH ON LIFE and find your Life's Purpose
  • How to keep real friends and make new friends as a nondrinker
  • Anecdotes from my life as a young professional addicted to alcohol
  • Revelations from my new life as a happy nondrinker
  • Herbs that can enhance your quality of life
  • A 30 Day Program that will change your life
  • A fresh and controversial perspective - WHY DRINKING SUCKS
I'm not a doctor, a psychologist, or a 12-step follower.

I'm a normal guy who left the rat race on Wall Street...

And channeled all of my new energy and brainpower into connecting the dots about alcohol addiction.

I was appalled to learn that conventional treatment has a 90% failure rate...And I thought that there had to be a better way, one that isn't depressing and ineffective.

After a few years of independent research, I discovered what separates the success stories from the chronic relapsers...

And the first thing I did was ensure that I became one of the success stories.

The second thing I did was compile EVERYTHING I learned so that I could help people like you.

Drinking Sucks! , you will get the secrets to dominating addiction forever in less than 120 pages of life-changing practical guidance:

My results are visible, even though the best rewards are internal, and I can help you get the same transformation.
That's me drinking in 2012...I barely endured my job and lived to drink at night.

Who cares, I thought.

I had achievements.

I had friends.

No one could tell me anything.

But I was hiding how horrific I felt before work...

I was exhausted all day and I spent all night trying to drink ONLY two bottles of wine...

I started thinking about drinking at 5 PM, then 2 PM, and eventually, as soon as I woke up in the morning...

Soon enough I gave up trying to moderate my drinking entirely.

I gained 30 pounds within a few months.

The health consequences of all that poison started catching up with me.

And then I hit rock bottom REALLY hard.

If I'd known then what I know now, I would've saved myself THOUSANDS of dollars wasted on alcohol.

I also would've saved countless hours on treatment methods that don't work.
I know how much it sucks to feel like drinking is your only relief and the bane of your   existence.

You want to cut down, or you want to quit, but how do you start doing this?

That is the million dollar question.

After beating my own nasty alcohol addiction and studying this predicament for  several years, I have some truly revolutionary answers.

Drinking Sucks!  is a self-improvement manifesto for heavy drinkers who want  to rebuild their lives from scratch. 

It's the product of years' worth of epiphanies  about quitting drinking, restoring health, and finding life direction.

It sounds cliche, but this book can even help you achieve the body of your dreams.

(It's not that hard once you quit drinking.)

Everything you ever thought was impossible becomes possible the second you take charge of your life.

Listen, I used to be that guy who had an obvious problem and I still thought  drinking was the best thing ever...
If it sounds like I'm reading your mind, it's because I've lived in your shoes.
Everything you want to know about DOMINATING your drinking problem but were afraid to ask.
Have you tried everything you can find to stop thinking about drinking?
You're smart, driven, educated - way too intelligent to drink the way you do, right?

You've tasted success, you know what it feels like to be fit and healthy, and  still you keep sliding back into heavy drinking.

You know that you have to solve your drinking problem eventually.

You feel young but you secretly know that you're not living up to your real potental.

You fear that drinking will keep you from realizing your dreams.

And you know that you have to get it under control before it chips away  at your vitality, your relationships, and your vision for your life.
Alcohol addiction is a puzzle...Don't wait until it's too late to fill in the missing pieces.
"I've just read the whole thing - OMG. Best thing I've ever read on freedom from drinking and I love your phrase 'dominate addiction.' I also loved the way I felt empowered and drawn to reuniting with my life, without the heavy focus on deprivation that always scares me off." 
"This book is well-researched and compelling...Anyone seeking to lessen the negative impact of alcohol on their life, or the life of someone close to them, will benefit from the information and strategies in Drinking Sucks!" 
"Drinking Sucks! has given me a totally different perspective on drinking and why it's not necessary for a good life." 

Check out what other readers have to say about 
Drinking Sucks!...
-Brian B., San Francisco
-David H., New York
-Angus S., Chicago
-Rachael P., Australia
-Greg E., New York
"This book is a short, fast read (I am a slow reader, and I finished it in an afternoon - about 115 pages). It covered everything from brain science to the social aspects of drinking. It is clear that a lot of research and thought went into this book, and Chris Scott has walked the walk. Definitely worth the read!" 
"This is a must-read for the high-functioning young person with a drinking problem, and a should-read for everyone. Drinking Sucks! is a message of hope for the battered but not beaten drunk who wants to win again!" 
"I have read many books on how to quit drinking and all had pieces of the puzzle. Chris Scott's book was the first one that really put it all together for me. It is a book about drinking but it is much more. Chris' book walks you through all the elements that need to come together to not just quit drinking but to thrive. I can't say enough good things about this book!" 
-Declan D., Honolulu
"Read half of the book last night. It's the best book on the topic I have ever read. I'm so stoked to finish it tonight.

Also, I'm treadmill texting right now...

Then pilates. Just sayin'."
-Charley S., San Jose
-Mallory P., Atlanta
"Dear Chris: I just wanted to write and thank you for creating your website and writing your ebook. I've been trying to stop drinking for 30 years. I have done so much research and tried so many methods...I finished your book and truly think a life without wine is possible for me."
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If my book doesn't help you change your life, ask for a refund  within 60 days and I'll refund your money, absolutely no  questions asked.

I've decided to bear all of the risk here so that you don't have to worry  about it.

You could decide to rip me off by downloading the book and immediately  asking for a refund, but I'm willing to bet all of my sales on the quality  of my book.

You know that if you keep doing what you've been doing, you're going  to get the same results you've been getting.

Well, if you keep thinking what you've been thinking, you're not going  to transform your actions or your future.

Isn't it about time you stopped thinking about alcohol  and learned how to feel good without it?
I'm so confident that you'll change your life after reading Drinking Sucks! that I'm offering you a 60 Day Money  Back Guarantee.
If this is you, stop blaming yourself right now.

No one can blame you for refusing to sit in depressing support group  meetings for the rest of your life.

If you're like me, you're determined to tackle your problems once  and for all, not continually declare powerlessness over them.

You have a hard time relating to sad and uninspiring stories.

Don't wait until you can relate to them.

You don't have to let yourself hit rock bottom and then declare  that you're an alcoholic forever.

You don't have to set your sights lower or settle for mediocrity  because you think you have an incurable condition.

Drinking Sucks! can help you to finally understand WHY you  drink the way you do.

And it lays out the steps you need to take charge of your life, right away.

Stop feeling guilty, stop draining your willpower, and stop thinking  that there's something deeply wrong with you that means that you'll  never be able to thoroughly enjoy life again.

Look, I'm not the first to point out that the status quo in addiction  treatment is deeply flawed.

But I'm living proof that another way out of alcohol addiction -  a more proactive, more empowering, more effective, and  more exciting way - is 100% possible.

And now it's within your reach.

Did you know that intelligent, high-functioning  problem drinkers have the hardest time quitting?
Take Charge Of Your Life For Only  $27
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Chris Scott is a former finance professional turned fitness trainer,  alcohol recovery coach,  writer, and entrepreneur. His extensive knowledge of alcohol recovery and his unorthodox views come from his obsessive desire to help people who are going through what he once endured. 

Chris is a Professional Member of Alliance For Addiction Solutions , which is an organization committed to helping people with addictions achieve biochemical restoration and an optimal quality of life.
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